Thursday, October 29, 2020

Health insurance--re the most difficult conversation I've ever had

Roughly a year before I retired last December, a former co-worker and I were talking about health care,  and they made it clear that they thought that only those who could afford to pay for their own health insurance should have any health insurance at all.  Since I had to work with this person every workday, I  forced myself to remain as civil as possible, which was not an easy task.  I politely pointed out that many hard-working people didn't make enough money to pay for health insurance and their employers  didn't provide it, and that one of those people was the spouse of the person in the next cubicle.  But they were not swayed by my logic.  

As you can well imagine, the person in the next cubicle was even more upset than I was.  Neither of us could quite believe that our co-worker didn't understand that they were basically saying that people who couldn't afford to pay for health insurance could just drop dead.


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